Tuesday, December 8, 2015


New destination goes a lot with surfers personality.
We change so much as the ocean as the waves.
A new wave and new place to surf involve all the feelings of " new" ..
For those who don't surf I will put on a smaller scale as a new tasting food.
When I was in Galicia and so the wind direction going straight to the medsea I new could be a good fun session.
A last minute crew made and we all get the 15 h road plus 10 boat.
First session was about 12/15 feet waves. Outer reef paddling. With a 15/20 min paddle out on one of the amazing little bays of this paradise island.
Had a good begin session with some drops and broke my leash and leash plug. Board disappear on the ocean and I did the long swimming back to the beach.
One local found the board lately and we decided to move to a tow in slab session.
The time we found a harbor and did the long way to the spot, wind changed and session blow.
I did I little paddle session next day, follow by local boy Francois and his girl.
Many wipeouts and one solid one that I felt in the end.
Left my board there and can't wait to come back.

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