Thursday, March 28, 2013

water for better life

my wife and myself we are taking to buy this machiine to alkaline the water at home.
why? ..for a better life!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coxos video from Hugo Almeida.winter '13

One of the best waves in the world for sure.
Locals rules the best waves and i am stoked they are been shring the line up with me.
I ve been getting some good ones and all i can say is thanks!
COXOS Winter sessions 2013 from Hugo Almeida Videos on Vimeo.

Surfline on European winter review

I did not call the winter off yet, as swell still here, but i think all the visit we have on the biggest days from couple of the best big wave riders helped to push and see waves with different eyes.
Totally raising the bar and giving a lot feedback for me (and others),on surfboard dimensions,weights,..

Nik Von Rupp for me and sowing in this article he was the man of the winter.
focusing on slab hunting!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Alentejo big wave destination?

My close friend form Ericeira Pedro Buga was talking to his teenager old friend from down in Alentejo with one day i could come check this wave.
They all saw breaking and storys of Ze Seabra(Tiago Pires coach), surfing, was every where.The harbor way out was difficult, this is first time with seabass on my with Aiken And Pedro was a bit crazy..we went out and i lost power before one wave breaking and we turn back to the harbor.

Aiken and Pedro first try tow-in was fun.They had a bit hard time but i know they will get it more and more as both know how to surf
After drive a bit for them i got one before dark to try the spot.Sebastian got many waves but we do not have and shots.One of them was really good was as i was watching by the pwc with Pedro and Aiken as he was taking off!
I wish have that shot..good vibes!
Wave feels a lot as Belharra.Way out on the sea with not really a peak to seat.

right to left :Pedro, Seabass,photographer girlfriend, Aiken and myself.
photos  :