Friday, July 12, 2013

spearfishing at home

Local boy Miguel Fortes is helping a lot about where to go.And yep, is working!
"Robalo" is one of the best fish and I found I spot yesterday with some of them! Back this afternoon for a long spearfishing time. I 've been going only one hour each day before Icon Ericeira Jiujitsu training. @nixon_now@fcssurffins @billabongeurope@dragoneurope #robalo

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

wich one is bigger?

tow of the greatest big wave surfers.
Burle a bit more on the paddle thing lately as he was a world champ on the best year of the Big wave world tour .
The year Mavericks was giant, 2010.
Garret is doing a great ob here oin Portugal, open the eyes for NAzare and i believe he will be paddling more and more.

no GMO,no Monsanto l

Let s live an organic live!!
Our kids future is on it!
Pro surfer and fighter Dustin Barc tring to change thing.Let s be part of it!