Friday, February 22, 2013

Ericeira city center surf

 Long day today..
Took care my daughter middle of the night asking for go to the toilet...and eat..
went to Peniche check the waves as my friend Diko wanted to surf there.. foot..
Back to Ericeira. we ate at Tasca Boa Viagem and in front was this crazy messy storm right.
I said i will surf and they all trip.
Not cause the size, but cause the storm.

Paddle from the harbor;

Bets waves were breaking by the rocks ..

Totally think will be a big wave spot!
Can wait to surf on low tide clean big days!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nazaré trying my new 9,6 with Sebastian Steudtner

Coming from the white water..

Alex could not make it from the beach and did not know about the jump rock...

10 waves before could reach the shore

PWC training day

Alex Botelho way to my place and to a long day learning how to drive the PWC(private water craft);

Joao Valente , Ze Marcello , Joao Guedes , Alex Botelho ;

Valente´s kis straight in the lake ;

Alex deep in the moving sand ;

myself getting ready ;

Two heavy weight and myself 

Ze Marcello(Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and surf lover), he could not believe how many waves he got in such a small time ;

Medina ´s way,hahah not even close, but paddling..

styling Guedes ;

Botelho 6 pack air ;

back to the Lagoa de Obidos at dark with our friend the mosquitos.

ALL photos  by :  PEDRO MESTRE

nazare jumping from the rocks

I had paddle at Nazare but always going out with a pwc from the harbor.
I know Garret always paddle from the beach and i was think do the same yesterday as the waves were not that big(posting photos from Pedro Mestre soon).
I got there and Sebastian Steudtner was all excited to jump from the rocks.
Short paddle and straight behind the peak
We did , but i was not that happy about it.
Sebastian Steudtner jump first, he send the board and jump after...

did not know what was under and was really scary about touch one rock under the water.