Sunday, July 16, 2023

Anglet new challenges and business

Since the winter of 1998, Pays Basque Français is special for me, a place where my dreams of becoming a pro-surfer took flight after leaving Brazil for France. With unwavering determination, I embraced my father's nationality to represent France in the elite world surf competitions, becoming the first French surfer to conquer the top spots on the global stage, including nowadays, the legendary giant waves contest at Nazaré. Recently, fate led me back to Anglet when my dear friend and owner of Oceanbreeze Anglet, James Beecroft, offered me the opportunity to manage this coastal haven. My responsibility is to ensure that everything is in order and to connect with those who seek solace and adventure in this mesmerizing locale (check it out at: ). As I continue to ride the ever-changing waves of life, a new chapter unfolded during the last event at Nazaré. The illustrious crew from Zeus surfboards paid us a visit, sparking the birth of a long-term partnership that merges the roles of a big-wave surfer and a global marketing and communication consultant. Together, we have set our sights on a monumental project – empowering women to ride and conquer big waves. Stay tuned, for this endeavor promises endless conversations and thrilling breakthroughs. Within Anglet's shores, the winds of transformation brought about another exciting development. RVCA, the embodiment of dedication and creativity, initiated the creation of a remarkable space for training and events. Fondly named "the RVCA house," it stands as a testament to the passion and pursuit of excellence that radiates throughout our coastal community. Intriguingly, life's currents pulled me back into the world of Jiu-jitsu, thanks to Icon Jiu-jitsu 64. Under the guidance of Woman black belt Juliana Calabria, I find myself often pushed out of my comfort zone, grappling with the challenges that arose after my knee injuries. Despite the thrashing I receive from my fellow black belts – Adrien, Aldo, JM, and Juliana – my love for this martial art remains steadfast and unyielding. Lastly, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sambazon for entrusting me with the distribution of their incredible nutrient in the Basque Country. This collaboration promises great things on the horizon, and I can't wait to embark on this journey of health and vitality together. With each sunrise and sunset, the essence of Anglet envelops me in a profound sense of belonging. As I ride the waves, manage Oceanbreeze Anglet, embrace new partnerships, witness the birth of the RVCA house, and delve into the world of Jiu-jitsu, I am reminded that life's adventures are meant to be cherished, shared, and celebrated. So, come along, let's ride the ocean breeze together!