Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Aguarium Finisterrae surf

Story behind a wave sometimes is simple.
Winter time at A Coruña.
Was cruising with my kids at the Aguarium Finisterrea and one of the gallery is right in front of the wave.
That one perspective is really gnarly as you only see rocks.
I wasn't really sure how far from the rocks were bit looks ridable .
Think that will not be a wave that I will go surf often.
If that one is good, many others might be way better.
The objective is make an event .
As the wave breaks in front of the Aguarium, by Hercules tower and ocean Coruña walk way front.
Could attack a big crow to watch the exhibition.
I am on it!
How will come thought! 
Big thanks to Sebastian Steudtner to come up from Nazare with his gear to have some fun.
Tanaka and his tnkvision company who is doing a great job on air and land.

Spanish tv interview: