Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gabriel ¨O Pensador¨ fan dedication

Last year when I had open the surfschool , I used to go a lot by the coast of Arteixo ( where the base is, Sabon), to train with my kids.
Many surfs by that area.
One of those days at Repibelo, I did one fun session on low tide behind the rocks at the left side of the beach ( ).
After the surf I met this red hair guy with a big smile.
He came by ask me what I was doing there , behind the rocks on such s big wave ( 4 feet hehe. This is for laughing Carlos).
He is been helping me on many things.
Made my logo( here on pic below),

and we in a project for Galicia. 
Last week when singer and brazilian famous rapper , Gabriel " o pensador", came to Galicia,many persons start to write and wanted to meet him.
Carlos wading of those.
He deal to have a time leaving his wife at home with some personal problems and came to Repibelo ( Gabriel o pensador instagram at ¨la Cueva¨
After tell how Fabriel s music change his life, gabriel offered Goma music at his concert.