Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bells contest

Always really good fun to watch a world tour contest.
How good surfers are and how much the level gets high with the competition are thing that make me be focus in every single wave they surf.
I went to compete there years ago.
Bells has an own magic.
Every surf wakes up dark time.
Normally contest start early.
I had stay on legend shaper Maurice Cole's house .
He wakes up before every one else , cause he likes to shape around 4 am or before.
Living a totally different day time but waking me up to wake up early too.
Always all surfers already waiting for the sunshine.
Back to this year contest.
I saw many heats and many post saying Fanning lost to wilson.
Hard call.
Fanning surfs really fast and every turn on right spot.
Julian showed a different line.
I will not be on judges skin.
For sure. if was on old head judge hand, Perry, Julian will win.
He always push the different way you surf the wave.
He always said to surfers make something that the judges are not expecting.
On this case, most of Fanning turns are more or less expected.
Fanning is always my favorite.
Cause i like how he surfs.
But i am not a judge.