Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brazil waking up

Nothing funny, but this video only shows what had been happen for the last years.
One corrupt government who only think how they can keep on the power and steal the people.
Sorry but the follow video is in portuguese.

I am full on for soccer player and now state government voice Romario

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brazilian jiu-jitsu no surf by Sergio Vita

Black belt Sergio Vita talking at Fueltv about how good is bjj for surf.
I can tell on my own cause i training in his team Icon with my master Ze Marcello and
one really important thing he said and i totally say is right , is about the mental part.
I could tell the physical, but every one who does sport can have a good physical ready ,but on bjj your head get stronger.
I fell a lot that on big surf.Is big i fell like i am ready in my mind.

Sergio Vita at Fueltv

Monday, June 17, 2013

big wave and Yoga

First post is from my saturday day.
I was at my friend Daniel Saldanha s house for his wife birthday and i found this spear from Onfire surf mag.
I can tell that when i saw it i was kind a piss.why i was not taking off?
And i remember after that i almost eat that one and last second back off a bit.
This is Daniel's daughter Mariana.Really nice girls and really cool family.

Some good news for the future big wave surfers, that could save some lifes. A new oxygen way to not brief.: check full article
Master him self showing the way .Gerry Lopes!