Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On fire website:from the victory at Santa Cruz

Click on the pic for video from the final!

freesurf with local boys.before the contest

10 years old friend son´s.thanks Atsu

Monday, August 2, 2010

santa cruz Portugal surf tour

Portugal´s pro surf tour

I was at home taking care of my baby and president f the Portuguese Pro association invited me to go down to santa Cruz for the third stop of their tour(Ocean Spirit)
I was proud to go,cause i am not going to many contest this year and be focus on the winter waves.
I got there with my friends:Tiago Oliveira, Mara, Diko Pires and family, Miguel Fortes, Serginho and ¨Paris¨ and my wife for a weekend competion fun and in the end i surfe my best heat of the contest and could beat Justin Mujica,one friend and the guy who start the heat with a 9.
This is a couple shots and i will put a video from some footage of the weekend soon..

_Sportv live interview

_Portuguese website: