Morning sickness

Morning sickness

Friday, October 10, 2014

The left slab.Lanzarote

Couples fun days at the left with bunch .





paddle out Rebiere



Photos : Tiago/ Sao Juiao locals

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mullaghmore,Ireland season 14/15

I`ve been coming to Ireland for a couples years now.This last time, was not really in my plans.
When i saw the swell, first call was Azores with the edp crew , but maps showed swell there was downgrading and i start to organize with Seb Steudtner to surf in Nazare.
My new co-sponsor Clandestino surf adventures was keen to go there sending Gines diaz to film too.
I end up in Ireland cause good friend and top ASP Surfer.Myself, sneaking one nice one.

Michel Bourez.

Jaime here driving the second jet with camera man

I had drive most of the time, putting Michel on waves and rescue, as they did paddle following local legend Fergal Smith, who open the line up.

With lots of expireince on big barrels, Michel felt like home in Tahiti, but with wetsuit.

Justine Dupon


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Days in Portugal and Surfportugal coverage

Just got back from Ericeira, where i did surf a lot at São Julião with all my bros.
Surfportugal article from João de Macedo big wave surfer and writer.Make sure you buy and read it.

Ribiera surfcamp lounge with my boards and Nazare shot from To mané.

Nick and myself stoked

gave surf experience to this groupe of girls from Madrid and "El capitan"

Surfportugal spread on local's hand Diko Pires.

Maria wearing her leg on the wetsuit arm..

Radical surf mag photographer

Series _ Eric Rebiere. El Quemao. Lanzarote. De los mejores tuberiders del planeta, mostrando su destreza en sus largas estancia en su isla predilecta. Recuerdo aquellos años, principio de los 90, como un joven atrevido solo deseaba estar en este spot. Muy buena gente el incansable Rebrix. Sabio en su lectura de cuando y como entrar por detrás en días muy comprometidos. Aloha!.

Friday, June 20, 2014

the ocean life

i did grew up on a place very small and by the ocean.
when i had move to europe, something that i missed a lot was my days on the ocean.
I always had play on the ocean and is something that i will really enjoy see my kids doing.
Today i went early to down tow(photo below) , and after many ours doing papers i pass by the ocean(town is by the ocean, like Honolulu), and first thing i though, i want to go for my daily 30 min sprint physio swimming.
i got to Famara and went for it.
Almost getting to the beach i saw this octopus and was fun.
I had a crazy 30 min sprint, saw it but my heartbeat was high.
I did really care cause it was going to a cave.
went down and crab with one hand.It keep going down and i could go with the other hand behind the head( as you kill them turning it).
Got home and knock the door and how funny was my friend face tripping as i left for training and came back with the octopus.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lanzarote as a home

I just move back from Ericeira to Lanzarote. Sure, i will always go back to Ericeira, as i love the waves, i love my friends there and most of everything, my kids still living there.
Here in Lanzarote the life is more wild.I can go get my fishes for lunch.Will start my vegetables (Had start in Ericeira with my ex wife and is something that everyone should have).My ankle is getting better and i am walking on dunes (check facebook post), swimming a lot, spear fishing and checking business, organizing winter big surf .
Thanks my close friends here.In the pics are Marco Imbernos, Manuel Lescano and Gines Diaz (photos and video). But i have more that are making my stay warm. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Outer reef Azores-

Very happy with João de Macedo win at outer reef Santana in Azores, during edp Mar sem fim expedition.
First of all, congrats buddy!
That day João was charging a very bumpy day out in the ocean.
The spot is between 1 to 2 km out in the ocean.
We went driving the pwc from Rabo de Peixe harbor .
Little mission, cause every time waves pick up , fishermen park their car on the ramps.
We lucky our friend and experience life guard Marco Medeiro was with us and made all clean in a minutes.
First i got there, João was getting that first left he won Portugal's biggest wave this year.
I jumped in the water just after that wave and we both sit in the middle of the ocean.
João was charging any set.
I was a bit with no confidence on my board.
Every wave i got i felt all the bumps.
I remember tell him to be careful. Not about the size, cause was big but not giant, but about the bumps.
After couple waves, he got a sick right and in the end he lost the back foot on a bump.
Stretching his knee.
Swell was only 12 feet that day.
I think the day will be bigger and clean, we will surf an amazing giant wave.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Nixon Surf challenger.Russia

We had an amazing time in Russia.
Not even the 18 000 bears what enough to make the group afraid of camping.hehe
Think Nixon has this particular crew that make every where we are a good time too.
This first two shots is the vibe of Alioti who won the overall and myself.
He was flying and i was trying to get speed on a 3 degrees water.
He boosted this in front of me and my arms could not stay quite.

In other hand i had this fun little barrel that day.Off shore and fun.
Thanks Nixon and let s see what next year bring to us.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar sem fim Açores at Surfportugal

Azores is been one of my favorite destination.
I am really happy to be invited from Mar sem fim by João de Macedo do this new destination on big surf.
We got there not knowing anyone and now i am so happy when i see a swell on the map and i know i will be hanging with Garoupinha, Marco and our own continental crew.
Something that really made me stoked is surf for my first time a wave.
Every time a surf a wave that i never surfed before i have this feeling when i was starting surf.
This is Surfportugal article in portuguese.
Big thanks to all that had been help us there.
Local state , friends and locals.