Morning sickness

Morning sickness

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I was really keen to go for this selle.
Last minute the mother of my kids ask help and i need to stay with them both.
Hope will be another push and i could make it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ricardo dos Santos ¨ricardinho¨

Years ago I arrived at Gran Canaria to do the last few contest of the European tour.
When I went out the airport with my boards, some friend should pick me up.
I had a place in a island of janzarote, 30 min on small plane flight and those contest were always a good time.
Good waves and some importantly points to finish with a nice euro tittle in the bag.
Or not.
After many years close for only Europeans, the old ASP opened( we all agree to open, increase the level wa the objective that really make a difference with a bunch of Europeans qualifying, but after done years that all euros had some good levels and could fight between each other and all generations of surfers, the ASP did not want to change again and now is a shit European title. the one surfer, who gain better points on the WQS events win it. No more generation or European fight each other).
All this was in my mind, fresh, when I saw a surfboard bag and a really young kid smiling for me.
I though wax a Australian kid, as many others who start to travel and doesn't even know how to cook an egg. They just go and learn. But not, kid start to ask me if I was Eric.. 
I was answering and analyzing if I keep j with me or just say by.
Well, I doth really know why I always analyze , cause I always say yes let's go...
He end up all 3 contest and almost a month with me.
Really cool kid, 16 years old. Always smiling.start to call me master with lots of prestige and I was giving him all the knowledge I have from the tour.

Every year I saw him after that month together, he had a really good vibe.
So, when I was ask to make a list of name from Lanzarote local and Quemao Class organizer ,I had to think of international names who charge and they cool, cause this is an event in memory of a surfer, Fula, that was surfing with us and died there . 
From Brazil, straight away Bruno Santos and Ricardo dos Santos came to the list.
Charges and guys that left the water, have a beer and laugh with the crew.
After this horrible episode from yesterday I was in shock.
Kid that I was talking in Facebook. was stoked to hang with him again like that first time I saw him when he was 16 years old, now violent .. 
And the worst, from some one that should been protecting him not all this big corrupt and arrogant police they have there in Brazil.

Ricardo makes me think of Malik Joyeux and as Malik, they both have this all time happy face that contagious everyone around.
Rest in peace bro! 
I will try not to cry anymore and maintain a happy face for you both.
Next time a true bomb will come in my way I will laugh for you before barrel it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

the traditional Ho´s family

Coruña paddling spot

I was cruising check the new área i am living by Santa Cristina, Coruña and from that side i saw a long left.went all the way to the other side and could check behind Coruña harbor the wave and saw this one from there.
Really close to the rocks on first view, but think bigger oil be better will be.Did not get many waves.And the ones i got wasn´t the 2 big set that came trought like this one.
Hope have the chance to surf it more often and make a really intense take off.
Always needing company on this days in Galicia.
Or a jetski rescue to push a bit more the limtis and have this back up just there.
Article with more potos at  :

Monday, January 12, 2015

new sponsor Rvca The balance of opposites

Very happy to have a new deal with Rvca.
This is a copules shorts from my first surf trip with than as a sponsor.
For sure, Billabong adventure crew behind, is always a push to surf good waves.
Hope we have more and more good session as this one at Galicia, death coast.

La nord contest

This year contest was a bit bellos my expectation.
As last year we had such a good sand bank with proper barreos.
The fat 8 feet waves this year did make me dream.
think that should be judging more performance that big wave kind.

hope next year we will have big barreos again!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

snap by Sebastiean Steudtner at san Juan

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Death coast Galcia

Death Coast Galicia

Prosurfersexperience at waves

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nazare day

the forecast of that day was the biggest i ever saw for Nazare.A week before i was cruising at my close friend Sancho and his girlfriend at Hossegor(check step off France at youtube).
He decided to go to Nazare and as he did not had a driver and knew i went many times , invites me to be his partenaire.This is the last wave he had.A monster double up.From behind i only control myself to make sure i could pick him up.But the wave eject him so far to the beach that i wasn´t able to find him.
Drove to the rocks to make sure he wasn´t there and after 2 or 3 waves saw him.

Only got some waves that is not really the agressive ones like sancho´s.did feel good with my row board and already working on new ones.
Stoked we a lll went back safe to the harbor on a extreme giant day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Nazare


Monday, December 8, 2014

Step off Hossegor

Was in Zaharra de los Atunes for a trip to Clandestino surf adventures and my good friend Alex Botelho.
when i just got back from a 3000km trip all over from the top of Spain , Coruña to the bottom there at Cadiz are.Receive the invitation to do a Big wave contest at la Nord, France.
went all the way up and contest was called off.
Went to see friends.Cruize with Benjamin Sanchis, Luna mantic,Patrick Beven, Jojo..Little bike training and bjj for kids with Patrick And Matieu at Yannik' s Beven tatame.
Next day, François Liets got me and drove me on some really fun barrels.Lend his board and wetsuits from Billabong.
Thanks boys!Thanks Greg for the clip.
Did even know was some one on  the beach.

ERIC REBIERE / Black & White by GREG MENAGER from Gregmenager on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fergal Smith / Growing

I heard about it from a friend and did not know what this legend was doing.
What a way to live and make others live bet err.
Always from this iconic guy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

ASP xxl awards

Last season wave at the xxl new season trailer=

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

first surf after a month

Here at Las Americas doing my surf teacher diploma.Can' t wait to have it and be legal in the low eyes.After a month not surfing, cause my injury, just surf two days.Start first day with a bigger board, 6,2 , for the condition, at use a smaller one after{dark shots}, and feeling good.

Here at Las Americas doing

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Don' t really know him, but i am really touch to see someone talking about Israel and Palestine situation.
As Kelly was saying about was one of his tough.
I had a sponsor form Israel and they look like some nice persons.
Just the way the whole history took them , was crazy.

Madeira.Heavy water contest!sobre/c8vp

Big swells

Series of back to back swells on the way.
Not be able to first two ones, but last one, the third one i might surf some big waves some where.
All swell looking very west.Could be good Belharra at the last one or down here in Canarys.
will keep an eye on it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

clandestino surf welcome to the team

Riding Giants

More fun to watch wqs with guys like this

Edouard Delpero

Years ago when i was on the ASP tour, Kanabeach was my main sponsor.
At this time one of my team mates, was a little kid from Marseille, South of France .
A place with some nice waves , but once in a while.
He moved to Biarritz and became one of the best surfer in Europe.
But what i see is not only a good surfer, but some one really polished and educated.
Many surfers have tendance to a bad road.
When i mean bad is the punk crazy style.
Don' t really like that kind of surfers.Think is bad to the sport and as a profissional, i see guys like Eduard making a better image of my sport.
Clip bellow, he show a lot of the Basque country with the company of Arthur Bourbon, another great surfer and with some literally romantic word on spanish.

follow him!!!

Por El Viento from Arthur Bourbon on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My road by Nic Von Rupp

Have the opportunity to surf a bunch of times with this kid and really like the approach he has on barreling waves.
Kids nowadays are surfing with way smaller boards and waiting for waves under the lip.
Like that!!
this is just a teaser, can't wait to see the whole clip.

Reading maps

Had one french surfer asking me on the facebook where i check the forecast.
Think we all have a favourite web to have a quick look.
I check a lot
Will get by ex Nazare.
First of all you need to learn and have your on knowledge about the spots you know and like it.
I have in my mind a bunch of them , everywhere in the world.
I like to analyze by myself, but if you don' t feel confident to it, check good webs.
webs who do have expert on it.
Like surf

Back to my own thing , i already had checked wind guru map.I saw a little wind on the wind next saturday and big swell.
So now i go to US navy web, cause they do have a satellite and not any of the others webs.

this pay can provide you swell,period,winds,isobar,...everything.
If you not want to go to far, just do a double check if windguru is right, go to sign wave heights and over the sea winds , Swell wave heights ,swell wave period..

I can even go on more details if i really see a big session approaching , checking the wind speeds when start there storm, the local countries webs for rain, like meteofrance or meteoGalicia..
Guys like Francois Liets are guys that i had learn a lot or even my ex partenaire on tow in Ben Sanchis.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I only had been in Madeira once.
At the clip bellow that finish with one of my best barrel ever in my life at Quemao, Lanzarote.

Just saw this forecast for this week and i am a bit on bad mood right now.
Here, stuck in Tenerife south. Doing my surfer teacher diploma and thinking about open my own surf school(might be in Galicia, as my children's is living there), and can't go for this amazing week of great surf there.
Men get do what a men get do...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Filipe Toledo

Met this kid last summer during the Quick pro France.
Did not really knew him before.
He is from a different generation of me.
I did meet his dad and is the one i first say hello when i came through.we used to compete when i was  a kid , back in Brazil.

Slabs adiction

There is many place in Europe that we can ride big barrels.
Might say Ireland are the most perfect big ones.
Galicia has an undiscovered coast to it.We still finding places..
But Australia is for sure the one place in the world for slab .
Oz guys charge crazy!
Have a cousin living there i would be really keen to spend some month and surf all over.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

safety by Surfline

First thing i though when i saw this post from surf line was.
I will lear something.
And i did.
I though only the breast pressing massage was using this days.
But there is doctors the still saying the best is a straight 5 breath on a unconscious person.
Second, go do a course pratical.
Is never the same when you just read.
photo by To mane

Monday, November 3, 2014

Knee injury update

Knee is way better.Just did one RIM and i did not touched ligaments or bones.The left is a trickI was petty much happy to make the drop and pull in.

But it closed out on my knee.

Paco and rest of the locals bodyboarders helped me out to leave the water.
I am now in Tenerife for a Federal Spanish diploma and had surf for the first time today.
Feeling confident to be back on big waves soon.

the slab.Lanzarote.


Friday, October 10, 2014

The left slab.Lanzarote

Couples fun days at the left with bunch .





paddle out Rebiere



Photos : Tiago/ Sao Juiao locals

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mullaghmore,Ireland season 14/15

I`ve been coming to Ireland for a couples years now.This last time, was not really in my plans.
When i saw the swell, first call was Azores with the edp crew , but maps showed swell there was downgrading and i start to organize with Seb Steudtner to surf in Nazare.
My new co-sponsor Clandestino surf adventures was keen to go there sending Gines diaz to film too.
I end up in Ireland cause good friend and top ASP Surfer.Myself, sneaking one nice one.

Michel Bourez.

Jaime here driving the second jet with camera man

I had drive most of the time, putting Michel on waves and rescue, as they did paddle following local legend Fergal Smith, who open the line up.

With lots of expireince on big barrels, Michel felt like home in Tahiti, but with wetsuit.

Justine Dupon