Morning sickness

Morning sickness

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Drone Galicia

Working on newtakes for a winter clip with Tanaka vision

Magic Galicia.Photo: TNK vision
Posted by Eric Rebiere on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Interview Alex Laurel at Inertia

Monday, April 6, 2015

Quemao Video

This is a copilation of waves from a friend who were shotingo from the rocks.
Not a professonal camera man.
but it s always cool to have an archive from such a good wave.
Thanks Jon , from Clandestinos surf adventure for the images.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coruña, Galicia

Got home monday night, on a flight from Lanzarote-Gran Canaria-santiago de compostela.
Weather is way better in Galicia and i wasn´t that sad from leave Lanza..
Not only cause the wethaer, but see the kids is just something especial all the time.
Their mother is traveling right now, so i need to make sure one go to school, and the other, who is sick, have attention durng the night.
this mornig left the big one on school, pass by my surfschool in Sabon beach to see how the rebuild is going and went to check la toxica( youtube :                                                    )
Wave swere firing and i went for a surf.My friend Remi, from came to shot some video for me. And got some good ones, some wipeouts, some pull back and went back got my daughter on school.Had this great news that she has a new school to go really close to home ( she was going far away and by car every morning is a nightmare. Adn the charpentier said will start the last part of the surfschool rebuilding project friday.So a great day!

Quemao contest

Had a really cool weekend.
Got to Lanzarote and the worst peoples ever rent my place left my house.
Staied 2 days cleaning and make this giant trash with all this durty things from them.
After the first day, kids were going to surf Las Bajas, one outer reef that i surf long time ago and  i was really happy to see such a big crew of kids going for it.
I used a to short board and i knew i will eat a set on my head.
Saw, tried to get as much waves as i could before that happen, and after got the big one i expected on my had and a long hold down(long time did not have one and make you feel really good).
before left the water went to ask one kid who lost his board , Josh Braddok, if he wants to have my board and i swinming back, but he said no and i feel like happy, cause first thing on big waves is put your ass back on the beach by your own.
Contest star on a epic day.And could finish too, cause after the stop, of the first day, tide went lower and was just like Pipeline.
Got one of my worst wipeoute there ever(Radicalsurfmag will published soon).
Next day waves drop and some heats were off shore and some on shore.
Jose Maria won, I got second, Jhonatan Gonzales(with his single clean style), got third and Manuel Lescano(my favorite there nowadays9, got fourth.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monsters and beauties

Left home really early with s 9,6 and a tow board. 
Add my Billabong V1 wetsuit , water, fruits and pass by Bastiagueiro beach to pick up 3 friends that wanted to go on a mission.
Tripsurfgalicia owner , Rémi, was talking about this waves for a while and from no where, one guy from my facebook sent pics from the same area that I was suppose to go check.
Swell was a huge 27 feet 18 sec day.
Giant one. I knew the chance to see a proper wave wasn't that big. Winds were a bit north and all north of Galice needs a bit south( with the all time west in the middle).
We got there and was a nice beach break bay, with this big right breaking outside and some white water on the back massing out the long distance view.
Ask the local bar how to check beyond that area and after they gave India they laughs as any one when hear we looking for big waves.
From the top of the clif I saw this mutant wave taking some seconds to the lip hit the bottom.
I knew was really big and straight I felt alone. Wish Billabong adventure Crew was there. Or my friends seb, Tom, Andrew, Silvio,... All those guys that control the situation.
Checked another right breaking about 15 feet sets but decided to check this other spot first, cause was between this take of right or get some barrels,
Always like the barrel way. Next time I try to surf both.
Realise i did not have a small baord, only the big gun and the tow board and my friend left me a old 6,8 for the session.Thanks to him cause he did not surf for let me surf!
The left was a beautiful set up. With little harbor, island , clean off shore ocean and a bunch of surfers that was all smiles.
Had a fun session and came back home happy to my family arms.
Thanks Ledicia for the pics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Best waves ever saw in Iceland.

went to this place with Nixon couples years ago for the Nixon surf challenge.
Amazing time.
We had some waves and was fun.
Now isaw this crazy barrels from there and tripped!!
Wished go back to surf it!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nic von Rupp

Really good first episode from this this kid.
One City | My Road Series Vol.I from Nic von Rupp on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coverage Zahara de los Atunes

We did this little trip back on a day that NAzare was pumping and in the end i am happy on work side with all the coverage on medias.
google it : Zahara de los atunes  Eric Rebiere for more

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ferrol sunny day

 The day before this day of surfing I was with my kids at Coruña down town on full carnaval mode.
 We had the company of more kids and their mother that day and the father both 2 days before.
 3 days carnaval mission.
When I woke up and saw this sunny day and good forecast for Ferrol. With off shore north east/ east winds, make my choice Togo for a session.
Well know for most of the surfers in the world as a stop of the tour, the Patin classic WQS contest.
With big names on past winner, like world champ Joel Parkinson. I even had the taste to win myself this stop.
What surfers don't know are all the perfect surround beach breaks. With swells and winds hitting on all directions.

 Met my friends at Doniños legendary Ferrol beach .
 Waves were firing with a solid 8 feet plus on a long right.
 They said to wait for high tide and shore breaks barrels. After I had checked the sand later I told than next time we put the pwc in the water and go do some step off. I did a great little nap at tripsurfgalicia surf house .  On a perfect net place at the sun outside.
 Really need to write this, just to everyone who is not living in Galicia , make sure understand how important a sunny day is during the winter here,Normally rains and storms pact here is constantly.
 We did found this fun beach break. Session was great!!
 French body boarders Geoff , who spent a month or plus here was all smiling like me. Surfing and enjoying the sun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cabo Verde

Never had the chance to surf this summer swells that drives all the way from south atlantic up north.
Was in contact with the surfcamp where the video is from and was really keen to go.
But never really could and last summer was a really dificult for me , cause i had many personal relationship problems.
Here is 3 friends enjoying the best of it.
Sancho ask me the contact to go couple days before and i am really keen to go back there next summer!

Dirty Wax and Borrowed Boards from Alex Laurel Photographie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zahara de los Atunes . Cadiz. Spain

Alex Botelho

Jon, Clandestino surf Adventure

Leny Perdomo

Caños de Meca





Zahara de los Atunes is a lovely little village almost on Gibraltar strait .
You can surf checking the Africa coast on the back. Showing how small the strait is.
This trip was a long journey for me.
I was suppose to go down to surf nazare and last minute my sponsor from Zahara , Clandestino surf adventure invite me to try this swell there.
And in my side I invited my close friend Alex Botelho.
Sure, if Nazare was a proper paddling wave, we will never miss a swell for go somewhere.
But the true is , I was confident to see some big waves option.
We did see some potential outer reefs and some really attractive slabs.
But most was touched by the strong east wind that wasn't suppose to be.
We had some fun first on this beach call Cañones de Meca and after on Zahara beach.
The cool thing on Zaharra was this Germany second war bunker really close to the peak take off that made me dream if how crazy could be staying inside checking possible enemy's attack.
Hope go back on a proper slab off shore day.

Rebiere at Zahara,

Rebiere at Caños de Meca



Rebiere Caños de Meca