Thursday, February 16, 2017

Maroc Surfing mission

Missions starts always at the same spot .
Nazare... where is the biggest and where I always meet Sebastián Steudtner to decide what to do..
One more time swell was big but with lots of wind on it..
Those one who has surf Nazare knows how dangerous is on clean days.. when is storm is just a no go..
We booked the flights to follow the swell down south to Maroc invited by local Jerome  and his partner Axi .
The same day of the flight we did a last check and a strong storm was hitting Bazsre and confirm the no go .
Arrived at Marrakech we have a person to pick us up , what is really good on this country with such a cultural difference and language.
Arrived for dinner the call was 3:15 am..
I tripped out..
And start to know the unbreakable Jerome.
Harbor and big logistic with 10 cars, 8 pwc and 2 boats..
We arrived at the spot around 9 after a 2 hours ocean drive and waves were cracking.
But the boards weren't there cause the fish boat was way slow than us..
Arrived and we all surfer.
Seb and myself just had a couple ones and seb got sick .
I stay all day doing rescues and the highlight of it was Bastienbonnarme pwc that stopped right under a set.
He got smashed and I could got him right the way as the ski could reach him on time before the wave behind reach me ., for sure a old propeller .
Back to the hotel on a full day mission , legend Ross Clark jones was going back to Marrakech to his girlfriend and seb decided to go as he was sick.
Jerome let us stay at his beautiful place surround by nature and animals.
I was ok but decided to stay with seb and kiss a crazy session at this perfect battling left that for sure I want to comeback surf it.
At town I went visit the city and was a great experience .
Snakes, monkeys, peoples every where asking every thing like medium age style.
Stocked to have FarasMohsmed with me.
Could easy got lost on those giant couloir ..
Will be back for sure!!