Saturday, July 27, 2013

Island of paradise : Lanzarote

El quamo, miss you.
Could not go as much as i want last winter. but looking forward to stay a bit more there this winter.
Have fun with friend.
Spearfishing and surf some outer reefs.
Photos : Alex Laurel

Friday, July 26, 2013


Galicia crying

From the video bellow( 
I never clsoe my eyes to Galicia.My wife from there, family and many firends.A bunch of good waves, peoples and food.
They do not deserve what happen on that train disaster .
All my heart with familys there!
My brother in law just bring the local journal as they are visiting us down here at Sao Juliao, Ericeira and i was shock reading the news.

quite summer

I ´ve been surfing in sao juliao, my front door beach.
Teaching some surf and just open my surf camp.
will be posting more during autumn 
when the real waves will be back.
Posting a lot at Instagram follow me there.