Saturday, May 4, 2013

XXL winners and what affect future

Shane Dorian is now the main guy on big wave surf.
He came to europe this year and that affect a lot my way to see big surf.
How he train hard to be fit and need less oxygen. Breath techniques between sets,the important of safety ...and the best thing i d learn with him, boards..He will be in the top for many year still and i am thankful to see close how he does and will be try my best next winter!

Shawn Dollar, never really heard about this guy and a wave bigger than the ones in tow-in .. crazy ..
That makes really think about never use my PWC for tow-in on huge wave..only for safety and slabs.

Keala...Chick got the only barrel i saw at Jaws in the s that?
Greg is a well prepared  big wave surfer.He will be on top for many and many years!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

quiver and the princess

spear Surfportugal

funniest video from Alex Botelho

Alex is a funny guy.
All mellow, seens like always in his world.He is a bit my neighbor now as his girlfriend lives 10 m from my place at Ericeira.
Well know model in Portugal Joana Duarte.
I laught a lot with this video of him!
Can' t wiat to watch next one! NoE
dit #4: Love is between the buns. from No Edit on Vimeo.