Wednesday, September 5, 2012

bye bye viana do castelo

This is the full edition of summer waves on the area.

Moving next week to our new home at Ericeira.
I will miss my friends here.
Most of than i met on the beach and have seen than everyday.
Thanks for make my stay up here better and you 're welcome down there!

check google maps and see the moving from Viana up north on the Portuguese/Spanish border and Ericeira by Lisbon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cantos, Oia

Bruno Novoa and me working i the water at Cantos.
This perfet litle right and good scape for the north wind on the coast between Oia and BAiona.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spear fishing sunday

49min and I was going with my wife to a tradional family sunday at her  brother's house.
Put my stuff on the back of the car just in case i could have a litle time before going to his house.
And as i wish i pass by the ocean between Baiona and Oia and this flat day made the water clear.

5 fish..well i am not Marco Imbernom or Mark Healy but i have a lot of fu on my amateur spear fishing life!!

Galicia missions..

Well another mission to try to find new spots.
Had drive 8h in 2 days, but well.
Got my buddy Bruno Novoa at Vigo and we slept on a small hotel at Ponteceso.
Nice town with plenty of night bars to have one "tapas"the traditional spanish starters.
Found this beauty that some bodyboarders already had try.
The good thing is one of the fews breaks that works with northeast wind.
Up north on Coruña area.
Didn' t surf yet and can' t wait to do it.
pic: tripsurfgalicia