Sunday, December 17, 2017

the big wave exploration

Living in Galicia not always i have the opportunity to surf all the waves that i want cause not many expirience driver and surfers to be outside at the wild ocean.
Most of the time without support as ambulance or any other lifeguards in case of big accidents.

when surfers like Ross-clarck Jones , Sylvio Mancusi ( and Sylvio´s wife Bia and kid Ben, Marcelo and Marco Tulio Cameras,Ross girlfriend Ella with Lino Bogalho),  come for a visit i try to surf the most of it.
We start at Coruña, but winds did not got as good as we expected.

My student Juan Fernandez had a really good wave this day.

Sylvio, Marcelo, Eric (right to left)

Sylvio and me 

Lino,Ella,Ross and Eric ( left to rgiht)

Galicia views
Bay of Coruña, Orzan, with Hercule´s tower at the back,.. the oldest light house that still working. Romain empire constructers were not that bad hehe
Juan Fernandez and the opportunity to get all the masters experiences.

Same day they arrive i was at the biggest local jornal from Galicia talking about my life, how i got at Oleiros, Galicia , Big surf and the new business ( Cafeteria Bastiagueiro at Facebook and at Instagram).
La voz de Galicia

we did move up north for the second part of the swell.

 La voz de Galicia

 El Progreso

Frame by Marcelo at the Burela´s slab

The last day of the trip  Ross left with his crew to surf Nazaré.
I had stay with Sylvio behind and we had a try to this spot that was surfed by legend Basque surfer Ibon Amatrian back in the days.
Harbor was close and we do say big thanks to Burela´s captain that left us go throught.
Might say that they saw us surfing the slab one they before and already new us .
Local Oscar, from Coge3, help us a lot too and is always good to have local support.

El Progeso jornal

La voz de Galicia jornal

to finish the big expedition the inauguration of Cafeteria Bastiagueiro, the first part of aftersurf project was a big sucess..