Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summer2010 biggest day

yeah,it s true.this is the biggest day that i surfed this summer.
I couldn' t move that much,cause the baby.For sure,France session the week before was biggger and barreling.But i was living by Viana do Castelo and this was the bigest day there at the spot i surfed must:the soccer field at Ancora.Thanks all the locals for be that nice.Will miss you guys!

Marc Laurent photo from south of Landes.France

best day this summer.thanks the french beach breaks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

training for surfer

with my Brazilian cousin.personal trainer and blackbelt brazilian jiu-jitsu,surfer,skater,kite-surfer,snowboarder,diver,...many other sports.he is crazy,ahaha
really good friend.

big barrels at Pipe,indo and Quemao

South of France

famous for his perfects beachbreaks.Go find your own secret sand bank!!!This shot is from youtube:    min: 3:12