Saturday, January 24, 2015


I was really keen to go for this selle.
Last minute the mother of my kids ask help and i need to stay with them both.
Hope will be another push and i could make it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ricardo dos Santos ¨ricardinho¨

Years ago I arrived at Gran Canaria to do the last few contest of the European tour.
When I went out the airport with my boards, some friend should pick me up.
I had a place in a island of janzarote, 30 min on small plane flight and those contest were always a good time.
Good waves and some importantly points to finish with a nice euro tittle in the bag.
Or not.
After many years close for only Europeans, the old ASP opened( we all agree to open, increase the level wa the objective that really make a difference with a bunch of Europeans qualifying, but after done years that all euros had some good levels and could fight between each other and all generations of surfers, the ASP did not want to change again and now is a shit European title. the one surfer, who gain better points on the WQS events win it. No more generation or European fight each other).
All this was in my mind, fresh, when I saw a surfboard bag and a really young kid smiling for me.
I though wax a Australian kid, as many others who start to travel and doesn't even know how to cook an egg. They just go and learn. But not, kid start to ask me if I was Eric.. 
I was answering and analyzing if I keep j with me or just say by.
Well, I doth really know why I always analyze , cause I always say yes let's go...
He end up all 3 contest and almost a month with me.
Really cool kid, 16 years old. Always smiling.start to call me master with lots of prestige and I was giving him all the knowledge I have from the tour.

Every year I saw him after that month together, he had a really good vibe.
So, when I was ask to make a list of name from Lanzarote local and Quemao Class organizer ,I had to think of international names who charge and they cool, cause this is an event in memory of a surfer, Fula, that was surfing with us and died there . 
From Brazil, straight away Bruno Santos and Ricardo dos Santos came to the list.
Charges and guys that left the water, have a beer and laugh with the crew.
After this horrible episode from yesterday I was in shock.
Kid that I was talking in Facebook. was stoked to hang with him again like that first time I saw him when he was 16 years old, now violent .. 
And the worst, from some one that should been protecting him not all this big corrupt and arrogant police they have there in Brazil.

Ricardo makes me think of Malik Joyeux and as Malik, they both have this all time happy face that contagious everyone around.
Rest in peace bro! 
I will try not to cry anymore and maintain a happy face for you both.
Next time a true bomb will come in my way I will laugh for you before barrel it.