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tips to Punta Lobos Chile

Fisrt thing before buy the ticket you really need be sure if is a good swell and the wind is ok.
Punta de Lobos is around 35 west on the map.So, is easy when you check to see where it is.
The best swell is straight from the south.Building up at Patagonia.
If is around 12 feet and more than 15 sec , it is already solid out there.
Couple 20 feet waves and some times bigger sets.
Normally swells come with south wind.Must of the time light early morning and get stronger at afternoon.
South wind comes from to peak not disturbing the wave at all.

Easy take off but must of the time hard to make the wave all the way.Cause drives to fast as a point break always is.
From Santiago to there by car takes 3,5 hours.
Need some attention to leave Santiago to south.DIrection San antonio, but some confusion roads to take.After that you need take more care when you leave the free way to another 2,5 hours on small roads.
When you see Pichilemu(city where Punta Lobos is) down the hill is a nice view.