Monday, November 30, 2015

Azores.Mar sem Fim

This project call "mar sem fim" ( check link here for the poetry who the named the expeditition : , and made by , for me, the best paddle surf of Europe, João de Macedo, has hwvibtebtion of surf new big waves.
Last expedition solidify the potential of this great wave at Ribeira Grande.
Monster paddle surf, Alex Botelho came with us and they both our a show of surfing.
Both with lots of experience at Mavericks, was found some steep take off.
I start tow-in and gotmu paddle board after.
Missing d a bit the time doing this.
Now, u thought I shouldn't toe and just paddle.
The best we know now after the session is that with a 10 feet 15 seg swell on a low tide, we had surf 15 feet waves.
Think on a solid giant swell on a high tide, waves could be 60 feet.
We are checking to go back on a solid forecast and make real our predictions.
This is the third expedition we do at Açores islands.

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