Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tiago Pires increasing the high level of surf

I went all the way up to Peniche from Ericeira looking for waves.
Price of Portugal, Tiago Pires was busy some where but said he wish go surf.
For me was nice, cause from the beginning of the winter i never try my 6,1 Rob Vaughan Billabong surfboard.
We end up surfing the bay of Peniche.Some funny waves.I had try one left first, not good at all and met Tiago in the middle of the beach.
When i wa spaddling there he got a sick barrel..
Not wide as many other spots in POrtugal, but very hard to make it and he used a sick technique to be able to get out the barrel. 

My 6,1 was so small in my feet that i was kind a crazy no rail surfer sometimes..
Good fun!
All will be out at soon.
Thanks Luiz for the shots!

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