Monday, February 4, 2013

New kid on the block..BWWT,Natxo Gonzalez

I was in Ireland with a bunch of friend waiting for the swell.
I could not make for Punta Galea contest as i want to go.
But was a mission to make it.
Needed to go back home to Ericeira.
Get my big boards..and drive all the way up north Spain.
I pulled out!
I am stoke to see another kid name on big wave surfing.
And better than that following the paddling way.
More and more the world of surfer s going back this way and leaving the tow-in for big barrels only that you can not paddle in.
I think i do not know this kid, Natxo Gonzalez(he will have some great waves on the big wave world tour).

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