Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aveiro surf Portugal.

Swell wasn' t big enough to move.
well, i though wasn' t big enough..
Had a call from my friend To Mané local photographer from Porto.
_Eric, let' s go.It' s a beautifull city and you never surf that wave.
_ok, let' s try.
As Aveiro is only 30 min south of Porto and Porto 40 min from Caminha.Here up north on the border where we are now i decide to go.
Didn' t want to go without the family and that was even better , cause there  is always something new on my daughter Uma to laugh..
We got there end of afternoon and the spot we were wondering to surf next day was pumping.
Solid 6 feet, but the only bad thing was the cross wind.
So we went to this perfect little right.
Had dinner at local boy Luis Rosas restaurant(to much food.5 different seafood like a open buffet).
Rented one appartement for 60 euros 2 bedrooms ..
Next day early wake up and perfect off shore wind.
A bit small than the day before, around 5 feet, but a lot of fun.
Only 5 guys out , so peaks everywhere.
Thanks for the surfers to all locals!!


Grilu said...

Nice video, I'm happy you liked our city.

Grilu said...

Nice video, Happy to know you liked my city