Saturday, August 4, 2012

starting the weekend...

Friday 5am left from where my family are stay now in Caminha, north of Portugal and border with Spain.Only Minho river separate both countries. 

Got in Coruña to check la Toxica.This nice left slab   (     ).     But swell was mixed and maybe a bit bigger.

As i broke almost 10 boards already in that place and wasn' t really square open barrels i decided to do a litle tour at the european pro jr at a close beach from where i was.20 min south,Razo beach.
Sw all my friends around..Richard Marsh, Nik Beven, Simon Young and had been with the judges in  a couple heats.
Before i left,i stoped by one of many beachbreaks  they have on that area and had  fun!Wedges left that i will be coming another day of shore, for sure! 

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