Monday, July 30, 2012

Weird things happen in surf!

Pics: Cops killing a surf traditional Ericeira spot!

First time i went down to Ericeira was 1997.
Back on those days was a quite litle village.
Still not as much building as today and surf ,well, was all about surf.
Now imagine when surfer like Tiago Oliveira arrived there(and all his friends and local,Migueis,Nik,Zes...).
Long long time ago.Way before surf gives the money that gives in this days.
Money, looks like is always about money.
I don' t have another answer if there is not money.
Cause, how come a mayor of a surf city could do what he is doing with a symbol of a his own surf city?
Tiago Olieira yes, is a symbol of Ericeira.People knows him everywhere in the world.He is been talking about Ericeira way before the actually mayor and doing more good marketing for the city than even Portuguese surf star Tiago Pires.
The trophy he gets for this: many cops breaking his place to build new shops and another surfcamp?
Let ' s see who is the man name behind this when all will be ready in a couple months.
Who will have the balls to ruin a local legend and put his name in his place.
I , for sure, will be the first to say : this is the person or the company that kills all about surf!I mean: traditon!Culture!Friendship!

More pics :çou-o-despejo-do-surf-camp-dribeira

Be strong Tiago, Luiz,..many other who lives form the camp today and will see as me who is the real bad namen behind this story!

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José António Vicente said...

Yes, there is a man from behind it ... perhaps an animal!