Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Galician contest 2018

It is always a challenge to compete. 
Personal or exterior challenge.
In this year state of Galicia championship was my personal .
I had work a lot during the summer.
Days of many surf lessons going into a job as a Bar man on my own business aftersurf.
Many days closing 3 am and cleaning everything with my partner, the Argentinian owner of alcorte, Lucas.
19 hours work.
Tough but good.
Good to know that you do can come out of your comfort zone as a surfer and learn other activists that is not as easy or as you used for long as surf is for me.
So 2018 Galician contest was a challenge as a worked more than surfed.
Didn’t train and didn’t have a good board.
My surf students came to support me and was a really stand out part of the day.

New board came one day before the event start, from jobsite Portugal and worked insane.

My long time student Juan Fernandez won the open division.
Las year he got second behind me and i am really happy this year he beat me.Sure i felt in on ereally good right for my out out shape barman and surfschool season, but still a really great victory and i am proud of him.

Final vibes with Juan.
Club de surf Galaico got second in over all clubs with only 4 athlets competing.

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