Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Official decision has taken.
The 17/18 season is my last one as a pro surfer.
I will dedicate my time to my kids and surf business .
I have too many thanks to say and i hope you that i might forget , please, let me know.. i want to remember you all!

Big thaks for my all time sponsor Nixon.
Patrick Beven an family who was the first one that open the doors in France for me, back in the days.
Old crew, Miky,Tuiago,Fredo,Boris,Laurent,Che,Daz,De Sonis,Marie,Gilles Darques..Michel Bourez, Jeremy Flores, Vincent Kardazik, Greg Puget, Jan Holzer, Gibus,...
Encabeça Geral Old friends Joao GUtemberg, Leo Neves, Raoni Monteiro.. with many others Brazilians..Bruno Satnos,Treko,Yuri Sodré,Jonny Lopes,Maira,Kleber Pires,Gabriel O Pensador,Adriano De Souza, Ricardo MArtins..
Kanabeach boys..Steeve, jonkete..
Galera de Arraial do cabo, Saquarema..
Henrique, Rogerio,Marquinho,Luciano,Gordao..Matheus..
My cousins..special Americo who train me for many years and Mauricio who had been surf a lot with me.
new crew..Lacomare, Duru, Alain, Nik, Gony,Marlon,Jonatan,Jose Maria Cabrera,steudtner...
Photografer Alex Laurel. Casenave, Narbé,Timo,Chauché,Gines Días.Jose Vincente,Cedric Barros,Pedro Mestre,..
Surfsession,Tripsurf, surfeurope,SurfPortugal,360,Carve,Magicseaweed, surfline, Waves..
Friends not easy to write all names..
Thanks François Liets and Sancho..Henning my boy! YOu rock!Always advising..
My father cause of him i had follow my dreams..
Old surfboard sponsor Udo Bastos..Rob Vaughan new big wave boards desings
Get tell thanks to my ex wife, even not togheter i know many business direction is about what happen with us..
Portugal crew are too many too..
Diko,Fortes,Padrinho ( Jobsitesurfboards), Botelho, Sao Juliao locals, Ze Luis, Oliveira,..
Canarias Manolo Lezcano´s family, Markito, Jose,Gilmar, Los bugueros de la izquierda..y quemao, Dani Cutre, Markito, Juan Moro,Irga ..
I will try to post some amazing carrier moments till next year and you all invited to the retirement party the 13 of march 2018 at Bastiagueiro, Coruña, Galicia.
A good documentaire movie will be playing on that..

Thanks God you really did it and made and keep delivering an amazing life!

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