Monday, February 6, 2017

Azores with Mar sem fim

 Very solid swell showed on the map.
> Talk to Sebastián Steudtner on what he was thinking about it and he was keen to surf it.
> Got a flight from my actually home, Galicia to  Lisboa.
> Seb picked me up at the airport , we dinner some really tasting Portuguese food at  Nazare ( we had one salmon cheese " empañado"  and I had squid as second plate. This is just to remind my iwnsrlf on the future).
> Same night I checked the forecast and as wind changed to the northwest direction we decided to go to Azores.
> This project, "Mar sem fim" start 3 years ago by surfer Joao de Macedo.
> I contact project director Mario Almeida and he right the way found space to us join the trip on the side of Antonio Silva, Joao Guedes , Macedo and Alex Botelho.
> We had and amazing reception by locals with a big thanks to the bombeiros da Ribeiro Grande ( lifeguards). They organized pwc, accommodation( inside their own head quarter ) and boat.
> Day of action started early with a fast breakfast at the gas station.
> We all met up for a wave check and was a solid 25 feet.
> As the weather was a bit rainy we took a bit long time at the harbor in preparation.
> Maybe the biggest waves were gone alone by that time.
> But weather got way better. 
> We tow some solid ones and tide start to fill up.
> All got paddle boards ( a bit a mistake , cause some empty impossible paddling take of pass by alone.
> I went back to the rope and to late .. 
> by that time Antonio Silva saw a shark fin right where I was floating on my board I I really didn't like that feeling.
> moved in the water on a long ride pwc way to the coast to the left spot.
> Saw some amazing caves on the way..
> Some solid barrels was ride on this one.all tow in.
> I didn't get any as my grind Alex Botelho has a bad wipeout ( he and Macedo got the biggest one of the day and he needed to straight out and the whole thing landed in him).
> List board and almost conscience .
> Had done oxigene and after a while was still feeling bad , we all moved to the harbor.

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