Tuesday, April 5, 2016

6 years old kid

saw this post on facebook and tripped.
Such an young age and already surfing that good.
i start to analyze why there is so many talents at the tropics .
Think must of all the water temperature and outside is the keen point.
Kids ( as much as adults), want to have a good time.
Adults are easier to wear a wetsuit and go out, but kids is not the same.
My daughter is 5 and i see on her how much she likes when is warm and sunny and when is cold( i don´t even take her on the middle of the winter, too cold).
Bring your kids to a surf trip on warm water!

Olha ai galera esse filme e um pouco dos meus treinos ,que venho me dedicando para as competições de 2016 ,agradeço a meus apoio e a galera que torce por mim OBRIGADO.
Posted by Victor Santos on Thursday, February 25, 2016

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