Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Nixon Challenge diary. Amsterdam connection flight

This year Nixon Challenge will be on a very new destination and on a very far part of Europe,or not Europe?
Will let you know soon as i did not get there yet.
I woke up at 2:15am last night.
Left home a bit sad to leave my two amazing babies sleeping with a bye bye kiss.
Left my car on this new Lisboa parking service.Kind a scary as the guy come pick up the car and leave somewhere.
KLM almost made me loose my flight.
I was thinking my boards were already on the booking and in the end i came up need to pay it.
Loosing a hour on line waiting and be the last person on the plane.Not sure my boards will make it.
Got in Amsterdam 9:00Am .
Very happy to be on a long wait here , cause not many city is that close to the airport and have such many thing to see and a charming city.
Left the beautiful  train station;
Supported by thousand pilars literally floating in the water.(view from boat trip).
Did not really have a plan, so went in line for information and saw a bunch of peoples buying the ticket for the boat trip and decided to do it.As i never did before.Must of the photos are from this trip.
Boat way goes for a big open channel where you can see a Movie museum and a cience musuem call Nemo, here below.
Petty much a place to visit with the kids, if you have some.
Before goe son the channels we saw a view that made think if i wasn't in Chine for a while .
Floating chinese restaurant.
And than you enter on Amsterdam heart and their 160 channels.Got this next 2 photos for show how short the bridges are and all this strong structure to hold every thing.

While cruising you can see a few of their 2500 houses on the channels and start to make feeling how romantic are live on a house like that.I just check if there is some for rent for a short term but did not find anything.As the boat captain told me after finish the trip as much she said is all salt water channels.

Pass by many channels.saw churchs , mayor house, ...
This amazing tower (photo bellow) from a ancient war and made on a beautiful cover on renaissance time and saw this days by tourist like me.
Jewish icon writer Anne Frank's house with a church behind(and a tourist head on the boat that i did not want to cut,haha)

Saw the justice building and a funny touch as on the top of the building i could see some vegetation mix with the normal construction .

Pass by the opera on the only one natural channel from Amsterdam, the Amsterdam river.

Finished by the station again and this funny decorated building.

Went straight rent a bike to cruise(Eric Rebiere facebook post for this Amsterdam journey).
Stop on this second hand shop.Something that i learned and start to like with my ex-wife.
Still many things to see in Amsterdam.
But as i only had a fews hours of sleep and went to the hotel have a rest.
Hope comebakc and see Van Gogh museum as much as Rembrandt or many other city amazing things to do.
Had a really nice sald on this conner called "stout".Bring back the bike by the station on Macbike and my day was over it.

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