Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend between France and Spain

My plans was go to the Hossegor contest with my friends and than go try Belharra paddle next day, last  sunday..
Things start to change when my first wave at "la Nord Hossegor" i did a crazy wipe out on the take off(could be one of my best barrels in France wave if i made it).The wave suck me back and trough me right to the sand on my butt.
Stretching my legs.
I did the heat and qualifing to the final, but could not put my wetsuit without pain, and decided not to go.
Went to Francois Liets house(Billabong adventure man and friend ), and as we was checking the forecast to Belharra i received a email from Gary Linden to compete at the Punta Galea contest.
I decide to go there and pass Belharra, even with could be one of the best paddle session ever.
Slept really bad with a lots of pain in my hind quarters , junction to the body and start to get the road taking pain killers pills.
I arrived to the contest dark still and twiggy Baker.
He definitely line up as fast as every one else the hard Punta Galea Line up, getting many waves every heat.
My side , i only get one and lost my board.
Congrats to Twiggy!

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