Morning sickness

Morning sickness

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reykjavik surf Iceland

Thanks Nixon for the event and Ion camera for the gift just before come here...

After wake up 5am at Caminha Portugal i d arrive at 1am at the hotel in Reykjavik.New dad her ein my side Vincent Duvignac wants to know about change the baby,hehe
Camp was fun!The local guys helping a lot as Igor. Barbecue on the beach with the pack was brilliant.We d park the car behind to block the gold wind.
Everyone had fun and warm with the good wetsuits.Mine was a 7mm Billabong, 5mm gloves and shoes.

Chippa wilson, 

Jose MAria,


Eric and Jose.Walking on the rocks was the dangerous part, i felt about 10 times and one really bad.

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barrelsurfpranchas said...

seguindo suas remadas pelo mundo e torcendo sempre pelo seu sucesso.

abraƧao muleke