Saturday, April 13, 2013

surfboard traffic

Back in the days stories of surfers traffic with their boards were often and even says all the big surf companies were build from that. After that wipeout (side photo), i got a bit worry and out of confidence for the next waves.

Air came under the board and i free fall.
After see Shane Dorian board, talk to Danilo Couto i got my own knowledge and i am trying this crazy thing of put leds in the board.I first put the board under my arms(As Danilo told how to do it), and felt where is the middle point.
Did some measures..

My friend from Jobsite surfboards and local boy from Sao Juliao(and i call him the god father), did the whole work for me, open rows and .

fix inside it.

Next thing will be a painting tomorrow with my daughter with my new colours..
As a fren-brazilian surf i d choose this colours for my boards..

Uma never will let me painting by myself!

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