Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nazare paddle mission

Yesterday was an historic big surfing day for europe.
As last time Nathan Fletcher and Dane Gudauska had come, now is the turn of one of the best big wave riders in the world give the little push to European surfers step up!
I am on my side stoked about it!
Could not image that will being surfing there that big that fast and i can only say thanks to Shane to push us.
Sure, Tom Butler and Sebastian struder are living there now and we did try another day to paddle.
Not as big as yesterday but we were trying it!
Shane sure wants the big days really bad!
He was in contact and ask.
the must funny thing was in the morning the buoy was 4,70 m and i said was giant.
He told me after that , how come 12 feet that big?
Cause the canyon the swell direction hit and doubles or more the size!
Can wait to go back again!
thanks for coming Shane and for the tips on big boards!

Photos : Pedro  Mestre

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