Thursday, December 27, 2012

back in the water. Oia paddle Galicia

After my baby son birth last week , i did not go i the water.
Saw post from everywhere like Cortes bank session, perfect El Quemao,..Cave Portugal and i was
frothing to go surf.
Yesterday had my first day with a window between take care the cesarian birth wife, daughter and overnight no sleep son.
Got my 10´6¨and went to Oia.
That wave is always a good fun over 12 feet.
There is only one spot to take off and if you not on that spot the double up do not let you make the drop.
So, every time you paddle into it you feel that like : do i am on right spot?
this is when you are on right spot.
Photo : Angel fotosplino
The wipeout one on that last video from there :

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