Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 world tittle race, Justine Dupont

Joel Parkinson is again fighting for his world .
He lost for Micky Fanning last time there at Pipe(contest that i am been watching and enjoy every night when i get home here in my step parents house where we decided to wait for number 2 son).
he had one runner-up finish before (that that every one might don´t remember, cause was a easy world tittle win), when Andy won his second tittle couples years ago. 
Must the peoples that i know wants him a champ.Not only cause he deserver it as he did strt a new style of surf, his own style but cause sometimes we all want a different person winning(Kelly is fighting for it and i don´t know you but i like when there is a fight for the tittle but even there is a fight Kelly had won too many times) 

 As a daddy i love this 2 pics of Shane Dorian and Joel Parkinson with their kids..
Justine Dupont just wrote me saying she is been surfing big waves.She is in Hawaii now and i let her use my 9 and 10 feet surfboards over there.And i will be sure you could see her on a big day there soon.
This is her on a Irish perfect barrel.

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