Monday, October 1, 2012

tow-in board

I'd been working on tow boards with Rob since i get in the Billabong team early 2010..
This is just the third board as to give a real feedback and know if the board works good is hard.
As there is not many real big waves or many session to try it in different terms.
Well, we had start on a 5,8 that works really good for small slabs and beach breaks like Hossegor.
Max size of 10 feet.
So we made another 5,8 but more straight rails, more concave ant way more heavy.
Didn' t work and rob told me the concave when is too big and bump doesn' t handle it.
So this is the third one.
A bit like Garrets boards i saw at Nazaré.Normal pin and single to v botton..heavy.
Let' s try it this winter!

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