Tuesday, October 30, 2012

this days...Coxos and Sao Juliao

During the last fews days of Peniche contest many of the pro-surfers came to surf Coxos.
Really good fun with my bro Michel Bourez(who was ripping and getting many barrels), Mick Fanning and others.
I didn´t get many..one late take off was all..
But still stoked!I know the good days will come.
Photos :Alex Laurel, who is a good friend and was there shoting Michel Bourez for Nike.

After those days not much happened .
Couple funny surfs in front of home with all my friends and some nice little barrels one day on low tide.

photos:Pedro Mestre
finished up the weekend on a nice family party at home..with 15 friends and 8 kids..

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