Monday, October 15, 2012

Coxos..late afternoon

Brazilian Silvio MAncusi chaking the paddle out..

always a nice line up..

Percebes or surf?

brazilian sebastian ripping..

End of one of the best barrels i ever got(read story)
I was coming back from Nazaré when i saw the sea surface glassy like oil at Ericeira and knew will be good waves.
Left my wife and daughter with best friends Mia And Tina, got their other son Atsu and photographer Pedro Mestre and drove to Coxos.
Fisrt thing i heard was bad news, cause one friend of mine from Moledo, up north where i was living told me Jhon-jhon Florence was at Cave and was pumping and yes, i missed that session..
I went down the rocks with my board at Coxos (the rela name of the bay is 2 brothers as i just knew couple of days ago).
Waves wasn´t that good as tide to high ..
Later before the sunset tide drops, waves start to pump and not many guys out.
Local boy Paulo broke his board and told me go man, is good.
got one of my best wave there ever.
Tiago Oliveira, friend and well know at Coxos and me saw one crazy barreling one and paddle a bit futher out
That wave came doubling up and he looked me ..go go go..
did a very late take off( i thogh will fall) and pulled in no hands in one of my best backside barrel ever there..

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