Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chien errant funny storys

Met my surfclub surfing at Viana do Castelo.Didn`t know but they are my club in Galicia..funny..Nice peoples.Good vibes see and travel with the groms.got in their van and came to watch the Biarritz Womens pro..This is close friend Coco HO.third place finisher.great surfer, great family.they have the surf in the vain!

This was a Nike team dinner.i am with than cause after sleep with Joao de Sonis ( my old house up at Côte des basgues) , i was going to sleep at Betania and Philipe home.(and he works for Nike).
He told me such a funny story too.He was at Cers getting ready one injury, best place to do that around, even Ronaldo went there).
 One night he got another guy on the room, tipical Morrocan guy and soon as he got in the room he made one stick to smoke.he told hin: man, the nurses never knock the door.
After a coiple minutes the guy was still smoke one of than got inside and he put the stick on his pants.
She gave a litle shit and left.
His pants start to get fire and he was on tipical Morrocan speaking french : ¨mais putin, mon jooging fait chier¨
They got to go see the director and he ask Philipe if he smoke.Before his answer the guy said: Oh , il fumme memme pas celui la..
and you mister?
Moi, je ne fume pas dit tout moi et quand je fume, je fume dans mon coin..
After a couples days he was out, but berofe that one night Philipe was checking the waves outiside , cause the Cers is by Capbreton front beach view and the guy came to smoke one stick and close the thick door.
Booth stuck outside below 2 celcius, no one around.
Philipe went to call the up room with the guy sticking him with the belt and 30 m fall under him.
One broke guy saw him and thought he felt form the top room...hauhauahua
This is funny.Alex Laurel, friend and photographer invite me to dinner and wath ¨la prise bastille¨ fireworks.i came by bike cause http://www.hitchhikers.org ( not this one but i just check this one to goback home), was my way o get in France, so no car.
In my way back to Joao s house got the rain in my face..
Now i am in anglet trying to leave.
Just did one footing yesterday checking the only thing one married guy can do: see all this chicks on the beach on bikini..
How i will goback, don t know yet..

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