Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny storys I

I will start to tell some stores that did happen with me in the past.
Maybe one day even myself will not remember this and will be stoked to ready and reminder.
This first one is about one story of my cousin that came to spend some times with me in Canarys.
I had just buy the house and he came from Brazil to live a while with me.
He is a big guy around 1,85m and now he is one of the Brazilians jim-jitsu black belt that live around the world teaching this nice conduct.
Pic :Mauricio first from the left and Marcus third from the left my both cousin living in OZ.
In his case in Sidney(Facebook Mauricio Caviccini).
Well, one day when we were sleeping, he start to call me:
_ Eric, come come!
_What you want,let me sleep! i answered.
_There is a spirit in my room(that wash´t really a room.I just had buy the hose and was a crazy place with old doors to outside, no kitchen, no toilet, nothing.)
_shut up man..go sleep, stop bullshit!
_No way, i will come sleep with you.
_no chance man(i was sleeping in a single bed inside a camping tent)
_Come see this, i am tell you,there is a spirit.
_I got there and he was inside his covers like those scary movies when kids are scary and stay under the covers.So funny!
_what s your problem?There is no sports , g sleep.
He wasn´t movie and sign with his finger not even showing his heady out , point the place where the suppose spit was.
I start to looking for some answer and i did found this row on the door that was giving a funny air when struggle by this tiny row.
Straight to him and really give him a shit chicken skin feeling.
I start to laugh and after show him we were both laughing..

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