Thursday, March 8, 2012

Irland.What you should not do...

Here at Mullaghmore,Northwest of Irland.
Got here yesterday night for this huge swell and saw some great waves.Saw cause for 3 hours i staied watching with out a pwc for my buddy paul Okane tow me.
When he finally found one the tide was to low.
Irish crazy tube rider Fergal Smith and partnaire Tom Lowe were there and said was shit.
I was waiting to long and decided to catch one.
Did a snap before getting into the bown and was a mistake i think.
Pinch the nose just before get barreled.Went all the way over the falls and when i was free falling i new i will get hurt.
Rib hurts now, neck hurts..but went back two normals one just to feel the board and hope with some pain pills can surf tomorrow.

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