Thursday, August 12, 2010

storys of contest

Couple of weeks ago i won one contest.
Long time i didn't compete and i was happy about that.
One thing that i felt during the contest was that the flow count a lot in some moments.
I got there and only surf one good wave at Ericeira with local boys Miquel Fortes,diogo and diko.
I wasn't surfing good and before the final they all show up on the beach(with my wife and baby), and some local beers.
I drunk 3 and went to the finalJustin start with that 9, i was so confident and free that i knew i could wind.
Wasn't a big contest.Just the Portuguese nationals.
Before i won many Euro contest in the same way.Eneko Acero lived those final with me.
Sometimes when you tired and you not really there, you need change the " vibe", to go in the water.
hope My friends Jeremy and Micheal will think about that now in tahiti.
They will have pression and maybe the best way is just go play!

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