Monday, December 4, 2017

Galicia Champ 2017

It is a mixing of feelings to compete.
Sure all this local scontests are not really my goal to my professioanl carrier but i was talking to my student Martin Cortijo about this during our way to last weekend Galicia championchip at Razo that how important is guys like Miguel Perez ( miniwilson on instagram), Juan Fernandez,Milo Castelo and others still competing like me
The level goes up and the ones who will get this knowledges of more level are kids like Manuel Fernandez Or sebastian( two under 14 kids who are ripping fromGalici).
About this contest, i won my category (master up 35) and open.
Really enjoy the fact my student Juan Feranandez that is improuving his surf and posting more and more good scores.
With the spanish title this year i am both Galicia and spanish champ on title.
Opening my new surfschool and club in Galicia.
This is good for peoples know me here and make sure to come learn surf from a pro-surfer view of the ocean.
Thanks all the comunity here to open the doors to me.
Special thanks for the Fernandez´s family from Oleiros.

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