Monday, July 29, 2019

4 x Spanish champ

5 am
I have insomnia and i decide to write about the Spanish championship a month or more ago ( don’t remember when was that anymore).
It has been really busy lately. First part of aftersurf, the terrace, is finally open after 2 years. Ad a summer time surf lessons, bjj teaching , single father with 2 kids, 5 Instagram accounts , one big wave event, one amateur event and helping all that I can on the bar or what ever needs , cleaning , rebuilding,.... it is hard just to write some lines on this blog.
I think this intro was a intro to explain how hard is to keep doing contests.. have your mind free to enjoy the time competing ..
That was my 4th straight Spanish master title. Something harder than my elite tour qualification or the European titles or a big wave title in Ireland, don’t think so.. my carrier had more stronger ups... but this keep me in shape and I see how my friends from my age love to do it and love to win and makes that strong completion vibe alive.
Thanks Dani,Milo for make a tuff last contest..
A last minute decision made me get a perfect wave far from the other competitors ( 9 points on video bellow).

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