Wednesday, December 2, 2020

First swell 2020

First swells Every season drives you on a full excitement . It is this feeling for every big wave surfer. Too many months of small waves up here at the north hemisphere and on a covid year with not much travel allow must didn’t get any big waves for months. For me was a successful summer with a lot of peoples happy having surfing lessons at Aftersurf Bastiagueiro. I have the pleasure of give must of the classes and saw a progression on many kids and adults. When I went down to Nazaré , there wasn’t a clear swell on maps and was all about a Icon jiu-jitsu black belt graduation . Something really special with many friends who were teaching me this art like Alex Isidro, Vinicius Constantino, Sergio Vita, Bruno Sales , Alan Brandâo , my great long time surf friend Joao Gutemberg and their partners.
Had miss master Ze Marcello on this occasion that could made it cause covid restriction from England. Thank you Nazaré tow for made me do this graduation at the light house with a spa cual thanks to Pedro Pisco. Nazaré water fun and Perfect waves. Must photos from Patricia and video from Xurxo. Right at the end of this amazing days a huge swell showed up on charts. The talk at the harbor was all about it. Teams were firing up and organizing their rescue logistic with a certain stress. First one and a massive one. I had an surf with Garret Mcnamara and Andrew Cottom. Was keen to stay to surf with them and had a talk with the 2 times women Guiness récord Maya Gabeira and legend European big wave surfer Seb Steudtner. But I had a plan to surf “ Las Rubias” an outside wave at Galicia before Nazaré. As usual the impact of the swells from America with hit up here ando wanted to surf here at Coruña and after come down. I offered to both teams this deal of help me surf big here and come down after but nobody want. So I asked an advise to long time friend Lino Bogalho from Nazaré water fun to what to do and he did a great support of push me to come up. Why? My business Aftersurf is here and a big wave surfer here could be great for a new option for big wave riders. Coruña just had agree in collaboration with us, Aftersurf to organize an big wave event and a big wave could give one more push to open the eyes of the country and the world wide media for this area. Decisión take I had the lucky of have Cedric Gisco from France and his crew coming my way.
Got all my partners from Aftersurf helping up with the logistics . 5 am call to start at dark. Launched all Yamaha PWC at the Porto náutico de Coruña and we drove all the way to south by ocean . Had an amazing view of Hercules light tower and arrive at O Portiño. Was a bit slow the waves and I start surf. Got a couples waves and Pass the rope to Cedric. When I got back to the rope Cedric was really tired from all the driving coming driving from France the day before and we decide to get out of the water. The follow week a big group of “ Brazilian nuts” came visit me. The main goal was surf around O Portiño paddling, where will held the next big wave constest , corme to surf the slab of A Tremosa and the slab back here in Coruña in “ smallers” days. Check all photos and videos and comments about swells and logistic .