Friday, November 14, 2014

first surf after a month

Here at Las Americas doing my surf teacher diploma.Can' t wait to have it and be legal in the low eyes.After a month not surfing, cause my injury, just surf two days.Start first day with a bigger board, 6,2 , for the condition, at use a smaller one after{dark shots}, and feeling good.

Here at Las Americas doing

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Don' t really know him, but i am really touch to see someone talking about Israel and Palestine situation.
As Kelly was saying about was one of his tough.
I had a sponsor form Israel and they look like some nice persons.
Just the way the whole history took them , was crazy.

Madeira.Heavy water contest!sobre/c8vp

Big swells

Series of back to back swells on the way.
Not be able to first two ones, but last one, the third one i might surf some big waves some where.
All swell looking very west.Could be good Belharra at the last one or down here in Canarys.
will keep an eye on it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

clandestino surf welcome to the team

Riding Giants

More fun to watch wqs with guys like this

Edouard Delpero

Years ago when i was on the ASP tour, Kanabeach was my main sponsor.
At this time one of my team mates, was a little kid from Marseille, South of France .
A place with some nice waves , but once in a while.
He moved to Biarritz and became one of the best surfer in Europe.
But what i see is not only a good surfer, but some one really polished and educated.
Many surfers have tendance to a bad road.
When i mean bad is the punk crazy style.
Don' t really like that kind of surfers.Think is bad to the sport and as a profissional, i see guys like Eduard making a better image of my sport.
Clip bellow, he show a lot of the Basque country with the company of Arthur Bourbon, another great surfer and with some literally romantic word on spanish.

follow him!!!

Por El Viento from Arthur Bourbon on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My road by Nic Von Rupp

Have the opportunity to surf a bunch of times with this kid and really like the approach he has on barreling waves.
Kids nowadays are surfing with way smaller boards and waiting for waves under the lip.
Like that!!
this is just a teaser, can't wait to see the whole clip.

Reading maps

Had one french surfer asking me on the facebook where i check the forecast.
Think we all have a favourite web to have a quick look.
I check a lot
Will get by ex Nazare.
First of all you need to learn and have your on knowledge about the spots you know and like it.
I have in my mind a bunch of them , everywhere in the world.
I like to analyze by myself, but if you don' t feel confident to it, check good webs.
webs who do have expert on it.
Like surf

Back to my own thing , i already had checked wind guru map.I saw a little wind on the wind next saturday and big swell.
So now i go to US navy web, cause they do have a satellite and not any of the others webs.

this pay can provide you swell,period,winds,isobar,...everything.
If you not want to go to far, just do a double check if windguru is right, go to sign wave heights and over the sea winds , Swell wave heights ,swell wave period..

I can even go on more details if i really see a big session approaching , checking the wind speeds when start there storm, the local countries webs for rain, like meteofrance or meteoGalicia..
Guys like Francois Liets are guys that i had learn a lot or even my ex partenaire on tow in Ben Sanchis.