Saturday, December 1, 2012

Influence-Old school

When i was a little kid i remembered this day as many of the locals boys back where i used to lived came to this one guy house.
He was a completely fan of Occy.
His room had poster of him everywhere.
He had long hair and is a shame we don´t have any video from that time cause i will be stoked to compare the surf and style he did back in the days like occy.
The day i am talking about it the usually 10 guys+ was there as everyday as any small tow.
the were always moving together for surf,party,...
Th ebig moment of the morning was to watch the movie he had.
don´t remembered if was the first time to than but for me was and i could pay more attention than what i was watching to the end of the movie.
Not only me, the whole pack of crazy guys that was always doing crazy things was concentrate for once on the movie.
this is the Reunion island part, one of my favorites one.
No shark back in the days!
Ocyy, munga and Ronnie Burns surfing..
Thanks Billabong for that, thanks Rogerio and his family.
And for the pack of surfer..
Don´t think i could be a surfer without than.
Old school!!!  

Teaching tow-in

My friend Cristian Perez might be the best surfer around Vigo area.
For me!
As he always charge when wave sis hollow and we been surfing together for a while now as he is my wife´s friend from the teenager time.
I am stoked to teach him, cause i think know one know f3 better than him and i hope he can surf any other waves in Galicia soon ..
most than that the outers reefs!
Joao Neiva, another friend form Moledo will be around too and as Cristian he is the best surfer up that area for a nice teaching day but for good surfers!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Vigo for baby!

New baby is almost here..
We d move from Ericeira to Vigo to have the family support.And as i am not surfing that much i found a nice gym just down stair and putting some energy on it!
Nice swell coming and i might try a new big wave by Oia next wednesday.

Parko is on!!!

#GoParko from Billabong on Vimeo.

fast trip

Just post this shot from a perfect day surfing with Jeremy and sancho.
That day was really perfect at Canarys and as winte ris now i hope been surfing htere for a while.