Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tiago Pires increasing the high level of surf

I went all the way up to Peniche from Ericeira looking for waves.
Price of Portugal, Tiago Pires was busy some where but said he wish go surf.
For me was nice, cause from the beginning of the winter i never try my 6,1 Rob Vaughan Billabong surfboard.
We end up surfing the bay of Peniche.Some funny waves.I had try one left first, not good at all and met Tiago in the middle of the beach.
When i wa spaddling there he got a sick barrel..
Not wide as many other spots in POrtugal, but very hard to make it and he used a sick technique to be able to get out the barrel. 

My 6,1 was so small in my feet that i was kind a crazy no rail surfer sometimes..
Good fun!
All will be out at soon.
Thanks Luiz for the shots!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tom Butler

Met Tom at Mullagmore last year.
From that the kid is always pushing himself on big surf.
Went to Chile, rode some big barrels one sick one at Nazare paddling another day..
Nowadays, he is sponsor less but i know with such big potential some sponsor will come soon!
News at :

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

humanity to world spearfishing rescue ..

Tom Butler , Shane Dorian , Eric Rebiere , Sebastian Stueder , Hugo Vau..all for one to support little kid Joe foundation 
Rescue at Cabo Silleiro , Galicia during world spear fishing championship.
Crazy moment.
I was on the boat a bit sea sick when life guard, jetgalicia founder Bruno Novoa had call me all stressed ..
_change fast..we are on guy disappear and they found his buoy.
We get there in the middle of the rocks where no boats could go and when he got the buoy only a fish came out..
I was so stressed to find a dead body that i start to think..what i am doing here..
In the end the guy was on a Spanish boat... did not speak spanish and was all good.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nazare giant..

I just arrive home and watch all this big day at Nazare coming every where on internet.
I could not make it as my partner is at panama on a surf trip and you really need experience drivers out to Nazare.
Here to big ones from the day.I wish could see another angle from Antonio´s waves.
Garret angle is amazing.

Good job from Photographer To Mane.

Monday, January 28, 2013

North Ireland photos and Nic Von Rupp Video

Alain Riou, Ready to start a beautifull big wave carrier(left)Danilo Couto, Khol christensen and myself (right).Maybe more missions around Europe..

Danilo, the most keen to get a big Mullaghmore.All week dreaming about it..and his birthday too.

Big barrels and Guiness(Jeff Flint shot), Perfect combo.
Nic Von Rupp clip...kid ripping!
Divine Intervention from Nic von Rupp on Vimeo.