Friday, June 14, 2013

Lisboa and front beach Sao Juliao surf video

walk from 21 to 2:30 full speed behind "the Fantasy surfer champ"diko(her ein fornt with English Gareth on the behind)

Museum with paddle boards ,

each window of that bleu building had one band,

emision Thalassa from frence3 tv having fun and working on  the same time,

Lisbon Barrio Alto is full of old beautiful places,

tradition is make sardines and eat on the stree. kind a medieval style.

this shot is cause you can see the red bright on the back and that is way far away from where we park and way more form wehre the party was.
1:30 h to get there..more up and down streets walk and back to car again.stoked i did not take the kids!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

kanabeach movie KENAVO

This could be one of the best movie ever made.
Never went trough but now is on internet.
Such an amazing crew on it!
As my firend and top 44 Leo Neves..Simom Marchand, la galauche, pujol, Laurel, Compagnon, ..

full movie :
1 part


3 part

4 part

5 part


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

summer things

Had a really good spear fishing day with my friend Miguel Fortes,

Surfing a lot on the from beach.This is a frame from next video on at,

training a lot bjj at Ze Marcello Icon Ericeira Moskova gym.